Year: 2019

A trolling motor is powered by gasoline, and it is facilitated with electric motor and propellers. It is fixed to a boat, and this is positioned either at the bow or at the stern. You can notice this type of engine mainly at the fishing boat. It generates power while the ship is being run through the water in search of the fish. This motor is used primarily to make the trolling easy, and this makes the task of fishing quite easy.

It has become prevalent to the fishermen due to its advanced protection feature. Till date, almost all of them have taken full advantage of this motor. All over the world, this trolling motor is hugely accepted, especially in saltwater. The prime feature of this type of engine is that it allows the fishermen to control the boat entirely. It also allows the angler in the boat to control every movement of the ship. The variables such as air and water current can easily be eliminated with the help of this trolling motor. In recent days, due to lots of reasons, these trolling motors are used. The most prevalent cause of using this motor is that it eliminates the creation of any type of disturbance at the time of fishing. This product is available with a built-in feature that it is suitable for freshwater as well as for saltwater.

Well, while using this motor, every fisher man must pay attention to the maintenance tips of this product. which few tips mention below and detail available on marinebatteryguides website.

  • At first, it is necessary to hear the sound of this trolling motor at the time it starts. Once you notice that the engine finds difficulties in getting a start or the trolling motor is not able to last for a long time, then you can be sure that the battery is losing its power. So, you need to replace the battery on time.
  • It is always necessary to keep the purchase receipt of this battery in a safe place. You will require this receipt while the battery will not operate. Sometimes, it helps you to get relaxation in buying the new batteries if the cells stop working within the warranty period.
  • After completion of every trip, it is necessary to charge the battery fully. If the batteries are not charged fully, then it is highly possible that it will stop working. If you use a partly-charged battery, then this will never get fully charged yet again.
  • It is always necessary to check the level of water if you are using lead-acid batteries. Here it is essential to use distilled water. It is recommended not to use tap water at all. These acid batteries can easily be purchased at local stores.trolling battery
  • If you own your boat, then you need to keep a battery charger, and it is necessary to keep a portable charger. A good charger can recognize the charge level, and the battery will get charged fully.
  • Marine battery should be of high quality, and it is always suggested to select a cranking battery for the marine boat.

Well, those above are the checklist which you are required to take a look while you are going to use trolling motor for marine boats.